Kalina Georgieva, DMD, PhD

Kalina Georgieva graduated Dental Medicine at Medical University of Varna in 2011 with honors. She combines her dental practice with teaching dental students as asistant profesor in Prosthetic Dentistry.

Dental Practice DentaCool is established in 2014. She defended her PhD successfully in October 2015 and clinical specialty Prosthetic Dentistry in May 2017.

The priorities of her work are related to aesthetic dentistry and prosthetic dentistry (restoraton of dental health with facets, crowns, bridges and different types of prostheses.

Kalina Georgieva, DMD, PhD continuously increases her professional qualification by participation in a number of dental courses, lectures and seminars.


Tihomira Dineva
Dental assistant

The dental assistant is a major contributor to the shorter and high quality treatment of patients.

In our team, the assistant is the person responsible for organizing the working schedule, documents of our patients, creating a professional and pleasant working atmosphere in the dental office and assisting during each manipulation.

Tihomira is our caring and responsible dental assistant. She will welcome you every time you visit us, assist you in planning your next appointments and you could rely on her helping you find more information.