We can help you achieve a stunning smile by:

Teeth Whitening

A lot of people maintain their smiles by good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dental office for prophylaxis (removal of dental tartar and plaque twice a year- more information in Parodontology). For those who dream of whiter teeth and a more attractive smile, we offer teeth whitening!


Teeth whitening is devided into three main types:

In-office teeth whitening

The result is visible immediately after the first visit, although 2 or 3 visits are recommended according to the desired color. Teeth must be free of dental plaque and tartar. Gums and all soft tissues are isolated in a special way before applying the whitening gel to the outer teeth surfaces. Blue light is used to activate the gel which contains high concentration of whitening agent. The gel is reapplied several times during the procedure.

Protection of gums and soft tissues
The whitening gel is applied over the teeth

At-home teeth whitening

The final result is achieved usually after 14 days. Silicone splints or trays are individually made for each patient after taking an impression of one’s teeth. The patient applies a lower consentration whitening gel in the splints which are worn during night or for several hours during the day. The slipnts usually could be used for future at-home whitening. Patient’s persistence is very important for achieving a satisfying final result!

No matter which option you will choose, you must know that the color of old fillings and crowns won’t change. They could be replaced with new ones, corresponding to yours new, whiter smile a week after finishing the whitening. This time is recommended for stabilizing the new color.

Contact us and we will recommend the best option for you!

Endo whitening

Some teeth change their color as a result of an old root canal (endo) treatment or trauma in the past etc. Usually a single or several teeth are reddish, greyish or yellowish in colour.  The root canal is filled with a material which won’t cause color change in the future and a whitening gel is applied inside the tooth for a week. The gel is reapplied several times depending on the intensity of the initial colour and the desired one.

Before- dark color of endo treated tooth
After endo whitening, a whiter color is achieved
Before- dark color of endo treated tooth
After endo whitening, a whiter color is achieved

Ceramic veneers 

Dental veneers are extremely thin 0.3- 0.5 mm shells, which stick to the visible surface of the front teeth.  They correct the color, shape, size and position of the natural teeth. They require minimal removal or even no removal of natural teeth.  Porcelain veneers are superior to composite veneers in aesthetics and durability, but composite veneers could be easily and quickly repairs in case of breakage.

Before-natural teeth with free space between them
After-beautiful smile achieved by veneers

All ceramic crowns 

All ceramic crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, overlays nowadays are the most aesthetic prosthetic restorations. They could restore a part or the whole seriously damaged or even missing tooth. The lack of metal makes the color soft and warm. The light passes smoothly through the restored teeth and favors the high aesthetic result.

Several options of materials are available- press ceramics, zirconium (full contour or zirconium substructure veneered with ceramics), composites. More information for different types of crowns and bridges could be found in Facets, Crowns, Bridges.

After analyzing your case, we will offer all the possible options and you will choose the perfect one for you!

Dental veneers
All ceramic crowns
Composite crowns
Zirconium dental bridge
All ceramic crowns (press ceramics)
Zirconium dental bridge veneered with ceramics


Bonding is a method of restoring front teeth using adhesive technique and composite material. In fact direct composite veneers are made. The teeth are restored within a single visit, achieving harmony in the color, shape, size and position of the front teeth. Slight deviations in the position of the teeth, abrasion, fracture or uneven edges, gaps between the teeth can be corrected.

Before- a fractured front tooth
During the bonding procedure
After- restored front tooth using bonding
Before- front teeth are worn out and shortened due to abrasion
After- front teeth are restored using bonding technique

Bonding requires visits twice a year for prophylaxis and polishing the direct composite veneers. A slight change in color after some time is possible, mainly due to coloring foods and drinks, smoking, etc.  The main advantage of the method is easy and fast correction in case of breakage or small fracture.

No matter what kind of aesthetic dental treatment you will choose, the final result is predictable! The wax-up visualizes how the teeth would look like as far as shape, size and position is concerned using wax on dental plaster models. This new look is transferred to your teeth in your mouth to consider any changes by mock-up.

Wax up
Dental veneers on dental model

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