Splints for treatment of bruxism

 Bruxism is the third most frequent dental disease after caries and periodontitis and it often affects young people. Daily stress and nervous tension are some of the main reasons.

Generally speaking bruxism is night grinding of teeth due to increased muscle tone and contractions of chewing muscles. The patient usually is not aware that he/she grinds teeth but he/she reports morning tension, pain and stiffness in the chewing muscles. Later abrasion of natural teeth, breaking of dental restorations (fillings, crowns etc.), changes in temporo-mandibular joints and muscles, pain in neck and shoulders.

Soft occlusal splint is used to protect teeth during sleep. This slows down the abrasion (wear out) of natural teeth and dental restorations (fillings, veneers, crowns, bridges etc.) are prevented from fracture. Increasing the height of occlusion leads to adjustment of chewing muscle tone. Often, additional medications and consultation with specialists from various fields are required.

Occlusal splint on lower jaw
Occlusal splint for treatment of bruxism
Occlusal splint for treatment of bruxism
Occlusal splint for treatment of bruxism

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