Fixed prosthetic dentistry restores defects of teeth or dental arches using veneers, crowns and bridges that are permanently fixed to the teeth. This provides higher comfort to the patient. To replace a missing tooth with a bridge, it is absolutely necessary to have at least one tooth in front of and behind the missing tooth. These two teeth act as abutment teeth and support for the bridge.

The dental prostheses  (veneers, crowns and bridges) differ mainly in the degree of aesthetics (maximum natural view) and mechanical strength depending on the material used and the manufacturing technique – zirconium dioxide, press ceramics, metal-ceramics with different metal noble and non-noble alloys, composites or a combination them.


Metal-ceramic crown or bridge is a fixed prosthesis. The strength is provided by a metal framework and the external contour of the tooth is restored by ceramics. These constructions have been used for many years to treat dental defects and are a standard in prosthetic dentistry.

Metal-ceramics- metal framework
Metal-ceramics- metal framework veneered with ceramics
Seriously damaged teeth restored with metal pinlays (post and core)
Metal-ceramic crowns

All-ceramic crowns and bridges

All-ceramic crowns and bridges are used in cases of high aesthetic requirements and allergy to metals and alloys. They restore entirely natural teeth and they are hypoallergenic, biologically tolerable. Another advantage is less removal of dental tissues in the preparation of the teeth. Ceramic or porcelain is color stable in time. Read more in Aesthetic Dentistry.

All ceramic aesthetic crowns
Before treatment
After treatment with all ceramic crowns- a beautiful bright smile

Zirconium crowns and bridges

A modern digital CAD / CAM technology is used for milling the zirconium dioxide framework (coping) of the future crown or bridge. After that it is covered with ceramics that reproduces the outer contour of the tooth.

Metal-free bridges- zirconium framework veneered with ceramics
Teeth are prepared for zirconium dental bridges
Two zirconium bridges

The dental bridge could be fabricated of full contour zirconium dioxide milled by CAD/CAM technique. Ceramics is used only to make the natural look even more aesthetic and individualized.

A full contour zirconium bridge
Ceramic individualizes the artificial teeth
A missing tooth
Zirconium dental bridge

Composite crowns

Some of the advantages of composite crowns are that they are metal-free and lower-priced. Some of the disadvantages are lower mechanical strength especially in bigger restorations and the possibility of color change in time. After all they could be a good aesthetic option.


Before- caries on front teeth
Composite crowns

Ceramic/ porcelain veneers

Veneers could help you achieve the desired bright and shiny smile by correcting color, position, size and shape of the front teeth. Read more in section Aesthetic Dentistry.

Veneers make the smile bright and shiny

Inlay, onlay, overlay- ceramic/ porcelain or composite

When more natural tooth tissues are lost and can not be restored with a direct filling, one of the options is treatment with a partial crown (inlay, onlay, overlay) that covers only a part of the tooth. For more information, visit section Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics.

An old filling
During the procedure secondary caries is removed
Composite overlay on a dental model
After treatment- composite overlay on the tooth

In case of severe loss of dental tisues it is necessary to build up the tooth in order to place a crown on it. This cou;d be achieved directly in the dental office by using fiber posts and composite or by fabricating an individualized zirconium or metal post and core restoration (pinlay) in the dental laboratory. Read more in section Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics.



A severely destroyed tooth (after endodontic treatment) is restored by a dental fiber post. The build up is required for placing a crown on the tooth and is used with all ceramic aesthetic crowns and bridges.

Fibre post restoration of a tooth
A single metal-ceramic crown

Metal pinlay (post and core restoration)- in cases of seriously damaged tooth the pinlay restores enough tissues to place a crown on it:

Severely destroyed teeth
Metal pinlays (post and core restorations)
Teeth restored with metal pinlays, ready for crowns